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Our services aiming at manufacturers, suppliers, machine manufacturers, research and development, users and processors of paper, paperboard and cardboard.

  • Consulting of strategic nature for decision makers in commercial management

    benefit Strategic orientation and Optimization of the organization with significant cost reduction
  • Consulting of strategic nature for thinkers and responsible persons in value chain

    benefit Implementation of technological methods to reduce production costs
    benefit Optimization of the technology and increase of quality
    benefit Creation or introduction of new technologies
  • Production accompanying introduction of a paper management – moisture

    benefit Ensuring the requisite optimal equilibrium moisture content in the paper
    benefit Documented incoming goods inspection and shipping of paper products
    benefit Avoiding costs caused from humidity and temperature damage during storage and transport
    benefit Ensuring of not damaging conditions at storage and transport of paper
  • Problems and damage analysis on site or online

  • Troubleshooting and complaint consultation, on site or online

  • Conflict mediation between profit centers in the value chain

  • Seminars, central or in-house training

  • Examining service - costumer specific measurements of process relevant characteristics of paper

We know the way to solve each technological problem of paper!